Philosophy of Athletics at Green

What We Believe

We believe that the principles and lessons learned in the classroom and at home can be put into practice through athletics. A microcosm of society, athletics allow the student to develop and use his or her natural abilities. Because the arena of competition is usually surrounded with pressure, the athlete is tested and the true character revealed. Consequently, the opportunity for character growth readily presents itself through athletic competition. Therefore, athletics at Green is considered an integral part of the athlete’s high school and middle school curriculum. With that in mind we are basing our athletic programs on the following principles.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our philosophy can be best summed up by the phrase “doing our best as we strive to be the best”. We believe that a student should always do his or her best. We do not believe that youth is an excuse to waste natural gifts and talents by giving less that total commitment through participation and maximum effort. We also believe that we should strive to be the best at whatever we do. Being the best at anything, whether it be a National Merit Scholar or a State Champion in any sport is a worthy and admirable goal. Becoming the best may not always be the result of our athletic program, however doing our best must be!

Service to Others

The only thing that lasts in this life is what you do for others out of a pure heart. Teamwork, sacrifice, dedication, the team as a family, representing your team, your school, your family, or just being part of something that is bigger than yourself and your own statistics is what we want Green Athletics to be all about.

Being Competitive

Winning is a measure of success but it is not the only measure of success. We want to be competitive, to strive to be the best we can be to reach our maximum natural abilities. Success should never be measured by what you are but what you are inspired to be. A person may appear successful when compared to others but a true evaluation of our success must be measured by our potential. Most in this country are not even trying. They find it easier to accept the hardships of failure than to make the sacrifices that lead to success. We want our teams to be competitive to put our children under pressure in order to challenge them to meet their true potential.

Role Model Coaches

Because of our commitment to excellence, coaches at Green become one of the most significant components of our athletic program. They have the responsibility to model proper attitudes, behaviors and desires while under pressure themselves. They are participants and teachers at the same time. One of the coach’s most pivotal role is to work with athletes whose character, revealed under pressure, needs to improve and get better. In order to be considered an effective coach and role model, our coaches must also be thoroughly knowledgeable in their sport, capable of detailed preparation, able to motivate athletes, able to make adjustments during competition, can actively give meaning to each situation a team or individual may face. Coaches have great responsibility to mold young lives.

The Green Athlete

We believe that all Green athletes should be diligent in preparation, relentless in effort, disciplined in nature, respectful in actions, self controlled in words, humble in spirit, and aggressive in the pursuit of excellence, without regard to score, opponent, time, referee, etc. As athletes display these characteristics, good things usually happen: teams are successful: players are motivated: fans are supportive and enthusiastic; parents are proud; prospective athletes want to participate and the athlete becomes an effective role model to younger children.

Top Down Programs

We believe that each individual sport at Green should develop into a “top down program”. The head coach shall be responsible to provide consistent structure and ensure that similar philosophies are being implemented at all levels of the program. Also the head coach should make every effort to work with youth and community groups to provide leadership and education to those types of programs that serve as feeder systems to the high school teams. The program should build pride among the participants and support among the student body. Parents should be a valued as partners in this process of athletic education. Off season conditioning, weight-lifting, camps, open gyms, etc. should be provided for serious athletes and their parents should receive counsel on their potential. All activities of the individual sport teams should exemplify the school’s commitment to excellence and follow the board of education and athletic department policies, procedures and philosophy.