Program Information

Hello Everyone!!
I hope you have been doing well since Volleyball ended.  I have been working hard in the off season to get our staff and program one track for the upcoming season.  Some new developments in our program are the following:
  • 9th grade team is back!!
  • Marie Eubank joins our coaching staff as the 9th grade coach
  • Dennis Robart will be joining our staff as the Asst. Varsity Coach./Strength and Conditioning.
  • Spring Ball is set in place and the girls should have the schedule.
I have spent many hours planning the direction of our program going into the next couple of years and the Federal Leauge.  Which is why I have put together a staff that will help us get there.  My main focus over the next couple of years will be the conditioning and movement of our girls.  We may not have the tallest girls in the league, but they will be most conditioned to their positions.  My focus is defense, quickness, and veritcal jump.  We have to make up for what we lack in size and experience.  Which is why I have brought on Coach Robart to help us do this.  Not just through Spring Ball and Summer, but through the season.
Again all seniors are welcome to joing us in spring ball open gyms 🙂