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Wall of Fame 1997-2012

Wall of Fame Inductees
Wall of Fame Inductees will be members of the Hall of Fame under the category of Original Wall of Fame Members. Members still alive will have voting privileges in the nomination and induction process for the new Hall of Fame. Wall of Fame Members are eligible to placed in the Hall of Fame as new Inductees but must be inducted by the Hall of Fame
Induction Committee. Below is the list of original Wall of Fame Inductees the last class of which will forever be 2012. The new Hall of Fame will start with the Class of 2013.

Class of 1997
Mark Croghan
Jack Craver
Kim Hurt

Class of 1998
Dick Goddard
Dan Drake

Class of 1999
Ann Brown
Donn Force
Glen East

Class of 2000
Mert Kent
Norma Taylor
Shirley Wahl
Paul Kapper
Francis Kelly

Class of 2001
Belinda Cerneva
Bob Dickerson
Ross Houser
John Torok

Class 2002
Dan Croghan
Jim Cullom
Carl Mickelson
Judy Mickelson

Class of 2003
Gene Boettler
Pauline Franks
Larry Motz
Curley Myers
Don Shultz
Kenneth Dorland

Class of 2004
Florence Doughtery
Larry Petty
John Tatterson
James Tays

Class of 2005
Bill Cash
John Rainieri
John Vallosio

Class of 2006
Scott Casto
Ray Kent I
Jim Kernen
Gary Phillips
Dave Plum
Lt. Col. Brian Watson

Class of 2007
Paul Dannemiller
Alan Duignan
John Goldsberry
Paual Gerber
Hazel Trinko
Mike Trinko

Class of 2008
Bob Bachmann
Martha Bachmann
Nina Biscan
Jim Branney
Kevin Brennamen
Frank DeMarco
Kenneth C. Dorland
Erin Duignan
Robert Forwalder
Barry Hollis
Cheryl Just
Matthew Kuglics
Dave Milkovich
Randy Oing

Class of 2009
Chief Mickele Calderone
Joseph Gourley
Linda Langenek
Pete Langenek
Nancy Pruneski
Rocky Robinson

Class of 2010
Gary Geis
Kenneth Orihel
William Cundiff
Carrie Kayes
Dale Brott
David Lough

Class of 2011
Donna Anderson
George Bennett
Jessica Clement
Sharon Mazgaj
Elden McVicker
Ben Owens

Class of 2012
Faith Andrus
Brian Kelly
Ted Mallo
Mark McClure
Wayne Sheppard